best-destinations-foodiesTravelling is relaxing, refreshing and enjoyable. But it acts like an icing on the cake if your dream destination is one of those cities that are popular for their food. So, all the Foodies around the world, this one is for you! Checkout some places as suggested by one of my friend at Weed control Jackson TN. He was telling me some best places to visit which are as follows.

Bangkok, Thailand

No one can deny the fact that you get mouth watering street food at Bangkok. The food here is served fresh and is difficult to resist. Some of the famous items includes Tom Yum Gong or the spicy shrimp soup, Som Tum or the yummy green papaya salad, Tom Kha Khai or the chicken coconut soup, etc. Everything is readily available with the street vendors or small restaurants at every corner of the city.

Jaipur, India

India being a diverse land and home of a range of cultures and foods, every city has something or the other to offer. However, one cannot miss the warrior style food serve at the city of Jaipur. The Rajputs or the warriors were famous for hunting and barbeque cooking their hunt into a delicious food serve. One of the famous recopies of Jaipur is lal gosh in which goat is cooked with 45 chillies served with bread or rice. Jaipur has got mouth watering varieties of both street food and luxurious restaurants. It is perfect treat to watch the beautiful historical forts and enjoy the taste of royal food.

Tokyo, Japan

Not only the marvellous varieties of sushi, Tokyo is also famous for its pork cutlets, pancakes and other tofu dishes. With skyscraper restaurants offering both food and casino fun it also have small restaurants names Izakaya that offers food washed with beer to fit every pocket.

New York, USA and London, UK

Where 8 million people from all most every nationality on the earth lives, there is no cuisine that cannot be found in the city of New York. You name it and you get it. Similar to which London is also famous for settlers from all spheres of world and offers a diverse variety of food and that too suiting every wallet.  Around fifty big and small restaurants in London have been chosen for the best restaurant of world list in different years.

Barcelona, Spain

Though there is a lot to do at Barcelona Spain but you won’t like to miss the appetizing Catalan food. With a variety of food and a large number of restaurants to offer, one can never go wrong even if daring and trying random food from the menu. However to make it bit simpler some of the basic Barcelona foods includes the Tapas which is a basic bread washed with tomatoes garlic and olive oil. It comes in various forms and is eaten with different kinds of foods,  Formage manchego which is the manchego cheese, the Truita da Patates or delicious omelette with potatoes etc. It’s fun to eat at Barcelona!

No matter whichever city or country you are in, food travelling always is a pleasurable and worth remembering experience.

565Don’t let your vacation fun stop when the sun goes down. Hit up these hot cities for some of the best nightlife and bars in the US! If you’re only enjoying your vacation during the day, then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Many US cities take on a different vibe when the sun goes down. Nights are best to enjoy cities that let their hair down as they hit epic clubs, dance their hearts out and whatever trouble they can get themselves in.

Miami Beach, Florida

The neck of the woods that South Beach calls home is full of well-dressed guys and gals, annihilating rhythms and some of the world’s best club scenes was destined to be on this list. Just make sure you’re dressed to impress with a lot of folding money because drinks and cover charges don’t come cheap on SoBe.

New Orleans, Louisiana

We all know how the Big Easy can get rowdy during big events, like Mardi Gras. But if you go at any other time of the year you’ll have just as much fun in New Orleans, and likely for a lot less. This city has one of the best bar scenes in the entire world, with many of them open late into the night. Same goes for the music scene. And sleeping it off at a boutique hotel like And sleeping it off at one of the city’s boutique hotels, like the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, is just as memorable as the fun that led you there.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s virtually impossible to go to Las Vegas and not find something to do at any hour. There are dayclubs like Marquee and Bare to get your party when the sun is up. And seemingly every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has at least one nightclub to keep you dancing with your newest friends. It’s not like you went there to win big at blackjack, right?

Nashville, Tennessee

You may know Nashville as the capital of country music, but there’s so much more to the city. A trip down Printer’s Alley is filled with bars that feature live music, karaoke, grownup fun and more that’ll keep anyone entertained. And much of the fun pours out into the street as you bar hop from place to place, walking past gifted musicians and performers doing their thing on the sidewalks.

New York, New York

When it comes to sheer variety of nightlife options, nobody compares to New York City. Sip some cocktails at Pegu in SoHo. Go on an epic bar crawl through the East Village. And nightclubs like Southside feed that need to do a little dancing. The real challenge is to find something you can’t legally do during the night in the Big Apple.

Los Angeles, California

This is the place to go clubbing if you want to see and be seen. Los Angeles has a night scene with star power, but also one with destinations that almost come and go with the wind. That shouldn’t stop anyone from going to places like Playhouse or Elevate Lounge.

vfiles36817Poised on the banks of the Ohio River, Louisville blends small-town charm with urban sophistication. The city’s claim to fame is the Kentucky Derby. The race at Churchill Downs has been a national event for more than 120 years. Many of us first learned of the city from a baseball bat. Today, the rebuilt Louisville Slugger Factory is another major draw. The city itself has been revitalized with a bustling riverfront district that features the inviting Riverfront Plaza.

Tourists may take scenic river cruises aboard The Belle or The Star. Louisville is also blessed with a dynamic arts scene, featuring the Kentucky Center for the Arts, as well as several fine museums and annual festivals. For dining, the city offers about 2,500 restaurants, highlighted by the festive “Restaurant Row” on the Bardstown Road corridor.

Five of Louisville’s most unique features and characteristics.

  1. The Kentucky Derby:

The Run for the Roses. The two most exciting minutes in sports. The fastest two minutes in sports. The Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs in Louisville and is preceded by the two-week festival, which includes a parade, hot-air balloon races, a steamboat race, concerts on the waterfront, and the largest annual fireworks show in North America (Thunder Over Louisville).  

  1. Bourbon:

Bourbon is a whiskey that must be made from a grain mixture containing at least 51% corn, and although bourbon can be made anywhere in the US, it’s long been associated with Kentucky.

  1. Food:

Although Louisville is the home to KFC and is Colonel Sanders’ final resting place, it’s quickly becoming known for its local food movement.

  1. Sports Legends:

Apart from the Kentucky Derby, Louisville’s big sport is college basketball.

  1. Parks:

From the Olmsted parks system to Waterfront Park, Louisville has no shortage of outdoor space for bike riding, Ultimate Frisbee, picnics, and walking. Iroquois Park provides a great view of the city, and the Iroquois Amphitheater hosts free summer movies, as well as concerts.